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International Hellenic University (2017)

Urban Shelter : a shelter for the New Nomad

Koutsioumpa, Iro-Agoritsa

Titre : Urban Shelter : a shelter for the New Nomad

Auteur : Koutsioumpa, Iro-Agoritsa

Université de soutenance : International Hellenic University

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) in Strategic Product Design 2017

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product Design at the In-ternational Hellenic University. It is about the design of a modular, a multifunctional structure for the needs of a modern nomad who travel around the world for pleasure or work. The new digital normad doesn’t need a home but a temporary workspace for indoors and outdoors use in urban environment. The specific objective of the design project was to design a simple but interesting, movable and easy assemble small structure that the new nomads can use as a working place, a private space or an urban shelter for isolation in the city.


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