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Universitat de Lleida (2021)

Projecte de reg per degoteig subterrani en 4,15ha d’arròs a la finca Mas Ferran de Pals (Baix Empordà)

Ramírez de Cartagena Bisbe, Francesc

Titre : Projecte de reg per degoteig subterrani en 4,15ha d’arròs a la finca Mas Ferran de Pals (Baix Empordà)

Projet d’irrigation souterraine au goutte-à-goutte de 4,15 ha de riz sur le domaine Mas Ferran de Pals (Baix Empordà)

Auteur : Ramírez de Cartagena Bisbe, Francesc

Université de soutenance : Universitat de Lleida

Grade : Màster en Enginyeria Agronòmica 2021

Résumé partiel
Rice is the crop which demands the biggest amount of water at global scale. Nevertheless, because of the generalized water scarcity situation and the competition between agricultural demands and other water demanding activities, new irrigation systems and rice management techniques are being implemented. Their aim is to maintain or increase crop production using less water volumes. One of those systems is based on surface or subsurface drip irrigation, which increases water use efficiency and allows rice production at fields where their water source is limited to flood them. In this project a rice subsurface drip irrigation system is designed in order to irrigate 4,15 ha of the Mas Ferran field, located Pals (Baix Empordà), outside the traditional rice cultivation area. At the present time the project promoters are producing rice at the traditional cultivation area, and they are interested to extend the crop production to other fields located outside of said area. The irrigation system and crop management must contribute to achieve a minimum production of 6.500 kg ha-1 of paddy rice, which is Pals standard rice production. The alternatives study has the aim to develop the project based on the field characteristics and limitations. To do so, the evaluated alternatives are referred to the rice production system, the product commercialization, the water and electricity sources, and the irrigation system design. The most suitable production system is the conventional one, which will be implemented using crop sustainable techniques. This will be complemented with the cultivation of a legume crop during the rest of the year. That crop will be incorporated on the soil before rice sowing in order to enhance soil fertility and escape of rice monoculture conditions. Because of its weed control complexity and the necessity of converting other rice fields to this production system to facilitate rice commercialization, organic production will not be implemented at Mas Ferran field. Irrigation water will be extracted from 2 wells located at the field, each of them with a water extraction capacity of 15 m3 h
- 1 . This considerably reduces the field cultivation area, but guarantees a daily water flow. The use of water from channel irrigation district is not possible because the field is not located in any district irrigable zone. Finally, the construction of an irrigation pond at the field is not recommended due to its elevated investment costs. Présentation

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