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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2021)

The Grassland Sheep Weather Index ——The Study on the Herdsmen’ Purchasing,Production Behavior and Income EffectCN


Titre : The Grassland Sheep Weather Index ——The Study on the Herdsmen’ Purchasing,Production Behavior and Income EffectCN

Auteur : 弓宇飞

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2021

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
Sheep weather index insurance is China’s first index insurance product that focuses on grassland grazing animal husbandry farmers.It protects the feed cost caused by bad weather(drought,snow disaster)causing herders to change their production methods.Grassland sheep weather index insurance is a new type of index insurance product that adapts to the risk characteristics of grassland animal husbandry,and can effectively control moral hazard and adverse selection,simplify the process of damage assessment and reduce transaction costs.This product was implemented as a pilot project in 2019 in Xilinguo League,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,as a project of "Insurance Bonus Subsidy for Local Advantages and Characteristic Agricultural Insurance Products" subsidized by the central government.In order to in-depth and quantitatively study the implementation effect of the grassland sheep weather index insurance policy and further improve the grassland weather index insurance system,this paper is based on field survey data of more than500 herdsmen in 11 banners,counties,and districts of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia.On the basis of the current implementation of the sheep weather index,rigorous empirical analysis methods are used to identify herders’ willingness to purchase grassland sheep weather index insurance and its influencing factors,and analyze whether the insurance system helps improve herders’ ability to obtain credit and encourage them expand the scale of breeding scale and test whether the product has the effect of promoting the income of herdsmen.In the context of the early stage of the development of sheep weather index insurance,the grassland animal husbandry industry urgently need a powerful tool for dispersing the production and operation risks,the answer to the above questions has crucial theoretical and practical significance.Therefore,based on the household survey data from the Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,this article elaborated on the current development status and existing problems of sheep weather index insurance,and this article identified the factors affecting sheep weather index insurance’s purchasing behavior of herdsmen and then tested the effect of sheep whether index insurance on the production behavior of herders,and the final research on the impact of sheep weather index insurance on herders’ income and the distribution of herders’ income !under different income conditions,the specific research content and conclusions are as follows :

Mots clés : Sheep weather index insurance ;Herdsmen;Purchasing behavior ;Production behavior ;The income effect ;

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