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Northwest A&F University (2021)

Response of Phenolics in Juniperus Rigida to Stress and Mechanism of Adaptation


Titre : Response of Phenolics in Juniperus Rigida to Stress and Mechanism of Adaptation

Auteur : 冯雪萍

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2021

Université : Northwest A&F University

Résumé partiel
The morphology,physiology and metabolism of plants will undergo a series of changes to adapt to the environment and improve survival competitiveness under stress conditions.Among them,plant secondary metabolites,especially phenolics,play an important role in improving plant protection,resisting and adapting to stress,and coordinating with the environment.Their production and changes are more closely related to the environment than primary metabolites.Juniperus rigida is a key protected plant in the Loess Plateau region and contains many phenolic substances.Exploring the response of its phenolic substances to adversity and its adaptation mechanism is very important for theoretical research and production application of J.rigida.Therefore,two experimental models were adopted in this study.One of them was to study the response of J.rigida phenolics to altitude in the arid environment of Helan Mountain and the humid climate of Changbai Mountain.The other was to study the effects of drought stress and UV-B radiation stress on J.rigida phenolics in potted J.rigida seedlings,and analyze the phenolics of J.rigida from plant morphology and physiology.The adaptation mechanism of J.rigida phenolics to stress from the molecular level.The main results are as follows :(1)The response of J.rigida phenolics to altitude in Helan Mountain and Changbai Mountain was revealed.(1)The phenolics(total phenols,total flavonoids,podophyllotoxin,quercetin,rutin,hyperoside,kaempferin,and p-coumaric acid content)and antioxidant activity of J.rigida in Helan Mountain were higher than Changbai Mountain,which was related to the xerophytic structure and high CAT and PPO activity and MDA content of J.rigida in Helan Mountain.The phenolics and biological activities(antioxidant and antibacterial activity)of J.rigida at high altitude(2182-2340 m)in Helan Mountain were higher than that at low altitude(1568-1883 m),which were related to the obvious xerophytic structure of J.rigida at high altitude and physiological characteristics.The physiological characteristics including higher MDA content,lower antioxidant enzyme activities(POD,CAT,SOD,PPO)and photosynthetic pigments(Chla,Chlb,Car)

Mots clés : Juniperus rigida ;phenolics;drought stress ;UV-B radiation stress ;selection of key genes ;

Présentation (CNKI)

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