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Shihezi University (石河子大学) 2021

The Research on Agricultural Eco-efficiency in Xinjiang


Titre : The Research on Agricultural Eco-efficiency in Xinjiang

Auteur : 崔叶辰

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2021

Université : Shihezi University (石河子大学)

Résumé partiel
The release of "reform dividend" makes China’s agriculture advance rapidly on the road of modernization,and also makes the agricultural economy continue to grow at a high speed.But at the same time,it has also brought about the cumulative effect of "reverse ecologicalization",which has caused the huge resource and environment problems such as non-point source pollution,soil fertility decline,food safety and so on.Therefore,the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC)and the State Council paid close attention to the agricultural ecological environment.For many years,the No.1 central document of the Central Committee continued to place the agricultural ecological problem in the prominent position of agricultural development.The report of the 19 th CPC National Congress calls for strengthening the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution,completing the ecological protection red line as soon as possible,establishing and improving the green,low-carbon and circular economic system,and realizing rural revitalization.As a major agricultural province,Xinjiang has a fragile agricultural ecological environment,arid climate,lack of water resources and poor agricultural production conditions.At the same time,due to its remote location and distance from the national scientific research and innovation center,it is relatively lack of scientific farming technology,and agricultural production is mostly yieldoriented and purely in pursuit of economic benefits.As a result,agricultural production factors such as pesticide,chemical fertilizer,plastic film,machinery and so on cannot be used scientifically and rationally in the process of agricultural production,which leads to more serious direct or indirect ecological environmental pollution problems than other regions.At present,under the circumstance that the cooperative coupling of agricultural economic development and ecological environmental protection is the mainstream development trend,improve the efficiency of Xinjiang agricultural ecology is particularly important.

Mots clés : Mathematics ; Macro-economic Management and Sustainable Development ; Agriculture Economy

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