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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学) 2021

Study on Desert Flora and Medicinal Plant Resources in Inner Mongolia


Titre : Study on Desert Flora and Medicinal Plant Resources in Inner Mongolia

Auteur : 杨锋

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学)

Résumé partiel
This thesis explores the seed flora and medicinal plant resources of the Inner Mongolian desert using a combination of field surveys and a review of relevant literature.The basic analytical methods of plant taxonomy and flora geography were used to statistically analyse the seed plants of the Inner Mongolian desert.The main findings of the study are as follows.(1)There are 497 species of Inner Mongolian desert seed plants,belonging to 67 families and 254 genera.Among them,there are 2 families,3 genera and 5 species of gymnosperms and 65 families,251 genera and 492 species of angiosperms,with the phenomenon of zonal dominance being obvious and plant species being relatively poor.The living type is mainly herbaceous plants,followed by shrubs ;the water ecological type is mainly mesophytic and arid plant species.(2)The desert flora is clearly temperate in nature,with 30 families in the family-level analysis,accounting for 44.8% of the total number of families in the system.In the species-level analysis,the plant species of the zone originate mainly from the temperate zone and are strongly influenced by the Mediterranean.The zone has some links with the tropics,is to some extent indigenous to its origins,is ancient and has a low degree of endemism.(3)There are 21 families,30 genera and 32 species of rare and endangered plants in the Inner Mongolia Desert.The living type is shrubs and herbs ;the water ecological type is absolutely dominated by dry life ;the system has a certain Mediterranean component.(4)The desert is relatively rich in medicinal plant resources,with 217 species,belonging to 58 families and 154 genera,which can be classified into 220 kinds of Chinese herbs,mainly using the whole herb as medicine,with a cold nature and a bitter taste,mainly playing the role of clearing heat and dispelling wind and dampness.

Mots clés : Inner Mongolia ;Desert region ;Seed plant ;Flora;Medicinal plant resources ;

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