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Ningxia University (2021)

Study on Soil Evaporation Model in the Arid Zone of Central Ningxia


Titre : Study on Soil Evaporation Model in the Arid Zone of Central Ningxia

Auteur : 徐天渊

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Ningxia University

Résumé partiel
The arid zone in central Ningxia is a typical arid inland area with sparse vegetation,scarce surface water sources,deep groundwater,long sunshine and strong evaporation,which is one of the areas with the most serious desertification in China.Surface sand coating can effectively restrain water evaporation and reduce soil water loss,which is one of the important ways to solve the problem of strong evaporation.Therefore,it is particularly important to clarify the law of soil evaporation in different stages and the factors affecting evaporation in different stages.It is particularly important to explore the relationship between soil water evaporation and influencing factors in different stages.Based on this,this paper takes the soil water evaporation in the arid zone of central Ningxia as the research view of the unclear calculation method of soil water evaporation at different evaporation stages in this area,the soil water evaporation process is simulated by the method of field experiment.progress has been made in the following aspects :(1)Through the field experiment to observe the sand surface temperature,water surface temperature and air temperature in a long sequence of hours,it is found that there are some rules among them.The change rules of water surface temperature and surface temperature are basically the same under the same air temperature,both increase with the increase of air temperature,and show a trend of first increasing and then decreasing in time series.Using the air temperature to fit the water surface temperature and the compacted sand surface temperature,it is found that both of them show an exponential relationship,the correlation of the water surface temperature calculation model is more than 0.95,and the compacted sand surface temperature calculation model is 0.76.This experiment can provide some theoretical support for regional agricultural guidance which can not detect water surface temperature and surface temperature.

Mots clés : Sand compaction ;wind speed function ;different soil evaporation stages ;evaporation calculation ;

Présentation (CNKI)

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