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Shihezi University (2021)

Study on Water Use Efficiency of Upland Rice by Drip Irrigation in Arid Area


Titre : Study on Water Use Efficiency of Upland Rice by Drip Irrigation in Arid Area

Auteur :

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Shihezi University

Résumé partiel
Water is in dispensable for crop growth and development.Upland rice is a kind of rice with strong drought tolerance,it has great prospects for planting in arid areas.However,there are few studies on cultivation techniques for upland rice in arid areas,so we want to discuss the influence of water on the growth and development,nutrient absorption,quality,yield and water use efficiency of upland rice to provides a theoretical basis for the appropriate irrigation amount for upland rice planting in arid areas.[Method]This experiment adopted a field trial,with conventional rice as the control and dry rice as the research object,and set 5 irrigation rates,respectively 375 mm(W1),525 mm(W2),675 mm(W3),900 mm(W4),1125 mm(W5).[Main results](1)Insufficient irrigation will cause the growth period of upland rice and rice to be delayed or stagnated.Rice growth stagnated under W1 and W2 treatments.Compared with W4 and W5 treatments,the growth period of rice was delayed by 3 d under W3 treatment.The growth of upland rice was stagnant under W1treatment.Compared with W3,W4 and W5 treatments,the growth period of upland rice was delayed by 3days in W2 treatment.(2)With the increase of irrigation amount,the root-to-shoot ratio of upland rice decreased,and plant height,leaf area index,root length,root surface area,and dry matter accumulation showed a trend of first increasing and then decreasing.Under W3 treatment,upland rice plant height,tiller and leaf area index,the dry matter accumulation increased significantly,and the root to shoot ratio decreased significantly.At the maturity stage,the ear distribution rate of upland rice under W3 treatment was 233.33%higher than that of rice.(

Mots clés : upland rice ;irrigation amount ;growth and development ;yield;water use efficiency ;

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