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Xinjiang University (2021)

Research on the Spectral Character of Vegetation in Arid Area


Titre : Research on the Spectral Character of Vegetation in Arid Area

Auteur : 沈涛

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Xinjiang University

Résumé partiel
The remote sensing is a rising and booming subject and the development of the technology of the remote sensing offers the new source of the data and the new way to explore astrospace. In the researches on the remote sensing, the measure and research about the character of earth surface object’s spectrum are not only an important content on the theory study of remote sensing, but also are the basis about the application of remote sensing. At present, it is still not mature on the study of earth surface object’s spectrum, there are many problems about the theory and practice need further discuss. So, the one of the main aim of this thesis is that measure some typical earth surface object’s reflectivity spectrum curve (eg. Vegetation ect) in research area, at the same time, for some main earth surface objects, especially some spectrum character of vegetation, do further analysis, the other is the abnormal phenomenon caused by special weather in study area that makes much dust on the main earth surface, this phenomenon changes the reflectivity spectrum of the objects and so it causes the quality of the remote sensing image, in this thesis, we can deal with the remote sensing image using filter for reducing it’s influence. By these ,I hope to do some beneficial discuss for the research of earth surface object’s spectrum. The study takes Keriya as the test section, it lies on inland basin and is a typical arid area. I mainly do some works as follow : Firstly, from the last ten-day of a month of June to the first ten-day of a month of July in 2003,I did some the earth surface investigation and the measures about the reflectivity spectrum curve for the main vegetation and all kinds of the earth surface object by applying the CI700—the apparatus of portable outdoor spectrum produced by the American CID Corporation. Secondly, applying the orientation method of GPS made the precise match between the measured area and the remote sensing image. Thirdly, according to the property and specialty of the spectrum data, I processed some measured data by combining other earth surface investigation data and existing data. Meanwhile, I established the small spectrum database about the main vegetation and earth surface object in Keriya area.

Mots clés : the earth surface object’s reflectivity spectrum curve ;spectrum database the spectrum dimension character model ;spectrum vector curve noise ;

Présentation (CNKI)

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