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Gansu Agricultural University (2021)

Studies on Ecological Adaptability of Drought Resistance in Triticale


Titre : Studies on Ecological Adaptability of Drought Resistance in Triticale

Auteur : 杨蕊菊

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
Triticale is a new man-made crop, which comes from triticum and secale hybridization, It not only has great yield potentiality good nutrition quality and both grain and fodder used, but also has a good adaptability to resistance of worse environments. Triticale is widely cultivated in high and cold district in home and abroad in recent years .The main studies of triticale focus on acid resistance and barren endurance ect, but the report of resistance of drought is seldom.The field experiment was carried out under the condition of drought field and irrigated field in high elevation district of the Gansu west(24002500m’s elevation), chosing wheat as contrast, Twenty-six varieties were chosen as trial materials to study the triticale ecological adaptability. The results showed as following:Among different genotypes and environments and also influence between environments and genotypes,the variation yield was extrenely dominant. Compared with local wheat, triticale yield potentiality was higher under two kinds of drought field condition. The triticale mean yield was higher 55.36% than local wheat and higher 47.03% than same contrast. But under harsh arid condition, the triticale mean yield increased by 38.59% than local wheat and 17.96% than same contrast.Compared with two irrigated land conditions, the mean yield of triticale increased by 22.52% than that of local wheat, and increased by 66.41% than same contrast. But under limited water supply conditions, compared with local wheat and same contrast, the triticale respecting increased by 37.52% and 56.27% than that of them.The yield variation rang of different genotypes triticale were wide, under serious arid condition, the highest per unit area yield was higher by 150%than the lowest ; under sufficient rain condition of drought land, The difference between the highest yield" and the lowest yield difference is 121.7% ; but the highest yield and the lowest yield under no irrigation conditions the difference is 75.61%( 13 points tried in the whole nation area)

Mots clés : Tritical ;Yield;Feature ;Drought resistance ;Adaptability;

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