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Ain Shams University (2020)

Performance of Swelling Soil in Arid Areas by Applying Enhanced Numerical Analysis\


Titre : Performance of Swelling Soil in Arid Areas by Applying Enhanced Numerical Analysis\


Etablissement de soutenance : Ain Shams University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Civil Engineering 2020

Swelling soils include clays and fine silts which swell while getting wet and shrink if they are dry out. Egypt is regarded one of the countries which has new huge developments under constructions on many urban regions containing swelling soils. The structures constructed on these swelling soils may be exposed to high damage if any significant change in the moisture content of these swelling soils occurs, so the presence of such swelling soils represents a significant hazard. This thesis presents intensive review on swelling soil including its origin, major clay minerals classifications as well as the swelling mechanism. Furthermore, the main characteristics and mechanical behavior of unsaturated soil have been discussed for well-understanding swelling soil behavior. Also, all identification methods for swelling soil are reviewed as well as defining all relevant swell characteristics with explaining for the different Oedometer test methods which commonly used in their determination. Prediction of ground heave resulted from swelling soils can be done using several methods that may be classified into four categories ; empirical methods, suction methods, Oedometer test methods, and numerical methods. Numerical methods are regarded the best techniques to predict the ground heave of swelling soils as they can overcome the difficulties of solving the nonlinear differential equations of water flow and soil deformations. Finite element method can be considered as the most promising method. However, an appropriate constitutive model representing behavior of the swelling soil is the main challenge for a representative numerical model to simulate the complex performance of swelling soils considering the soil-water and the soil-structure-interaction. Recently, a new constitutive model specialist in simulating swelling soils and rocks has been implemented as user-defined model for “PLAXIS” program. The concept of this “Swelling Model” as well as its mathematical formulation are introduced and discussed in this thesis.

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