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Minia University (2021)

Ameliorating Some Soil Properties Using Biochar

Ahmed, Zeinab Mohamed Salah.

Titre : Ameliorating Some Soil Properties Using Biochar

Auteur : Ahmed, Zeinab Mohamed Salah.

Etablissement de soutenance : Minia University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) in Agricultural Sciences 2021

Résumé partiel
The aim of this study was to develop best management strategies that espouse maximum agronomic benefits and minimum environmental impacts when applying water hyacinth biochar to sandy soils under arid conditions. The procedures of this research therefore were to conduct two trials in increasing complexity. In each trial, one or more of biochar impacts and beneficial influences were examined moving from maize crop trial under controlled conditions to a more controlled laboratory incubation trial. Maize crop trial was conducted under controlled greenhouse conditions to evaluate water hyacinth biochar suitability at different application rates and methods for amending pristine sandy soil in terms of both improvements in maize nutritional status and yield and changes in soil physical and physicochemical properties. Whereas, incubation trial was conducted to assess effects of water hyacinth biochar addition on some sandy soil biochemical and biological properties and potential carbon sequestration at different application rates and methods.

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