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Xinjiang University (2021)

Study on Spatio-temporal Variation of Land Use and Ecosystem Service Values in Hotan Oasis


Titre : Study on Spatio-temporal Variation of Land Use and Ecosystem Service Values in Hotan Oasis

Auteur : 郭亚红

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Xinjiang University

Résumé partiel
Based on the data of land use types in Hotan Oasis in 2000,2010 and 2018,this paper explores the spatial and temporal changes of land use types in Hotan Oasis from2000 to 2018 through land use dynamic degree,transfer matrix,and land use degree comprehensive index.At the same time,combined with vegetation coverage,NPP,and socio-economic development coefficient,the ESV assessment model was modified,and the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of ESV in Hotan oasis were analyzed.Finally,the relationship between land use,vegetation coverage,NPP,and ESV was analyzed,and the factors affecting ESV were discussed.The main conclusions are as follows :(1)The comprehensive land-use dynamics of Hotan oasis showed an upward trend,and the overall land-use change was the most active after 2010.The degree of land use is generally low and unevenly distributed,mainly in areas with a comprehensive index of less than 1.5.(2)Vegetation coverage and NPP were selected for spatial correction of ecosystem service value.The areas with spatial heterogeneity correction coefficient higher than 1 were mainly distributed in the middle reaches of the oasis,the northern foot of the Kunlun Mountains,and the two sides of the Yulong Kashi River and the Kalakash River.The area with a spatial heterogeneity correction coefficient less than 1was mainly distributed in the upstream mountainous area and the downstream desert area.The vegetation coverage and net primary productivity of vegetation were lower than the average level of Hotan oasis.GDP,Engel coefficient,urban population,and other factors are selected to adjust social and economic factors,and the social development coefficient of Hotan Oasis shows an overall increasing trend.The willingness to pay in Hotan oasis is increasing,but the ability to pay is far below the national average.The economic value of farmland per unit area was determined by combining grain production and grain purchase price,and the coefficient table of oasis ecosystem service value was obtained.

Mots clés : land use change ;value equivalent correction ;spatial and temporal change ;influencing factors ;Hotan Oasis ;

Présentation (CNKI)

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