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Chang’an University (长安大学) 2021

The Application of Use Aeolian Sand Treating Wet-soft Subgrade Base Research


Titre : The Application of Use Aeolian Sand Treating Wet-soft Subgrade Base Research

Auteur : 赵勇

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Chang’an University (长安大学)

The northwest part of our country has a vast desert,rich in aeolian sand resources.This paper studies how to use aeolian sand as a fault replacement to deal with the application of soft soil roadbed diseases related to the analysis of the feasibility of aeolian sand in the treatment of such wet-soft subgrade base.The eolian sand in the engineering area was collected and studied by laboratory tests for its particle composition,mineral composition,relative density,rebound modulus,load carrying ratio,capillary water characteristics and compaction characteristics,and its physical and engineering characteristics were analyzed by field tests,providing scientific basis for using eolian sand as isolation material.Through to the Xinjiang provincial S204 highway maintenance engineering K29+700~K36+600 years investigation on boiling settlement of roadbed diseases.According to the old road SCI,PCI,PSSI,RQI,the original road surface performance index PQI was evaluated.The reasons for the subsidence and grouting of the old road were analyzed from the test results of bending and settling strength,subgrade soil character,water content and soluble salt content of the old road.Due to the low terrain of this section,it is easy to be affected by the infiltration of irrigation water on both sides of the road,resulting in high water content of subgrade soil.The soil of the road bed is weakly salted silt and silt soil,and its bearing capacity and shear resistance are low in the wet state,which leads to the subsidence and grouting of this section for many years,and the asphalt pavement is seriously damaged.According to the permafrost depth of the project site and the engineering characteristics of aeolian sand obtained from the test,the buried depth of the aeolian sand isolation fault is calculated,and the reasonable replacement thickness is determined through experimental analysis.And set up geotextiles to improve the partition effect,set up a complete drainage project for the soft roadbed comprehensive treatment design.The results show that the total settlement is small and tends to be stable,which proves that the aeolian sand has good stability as subgrade filling material.It is proved that aeolian sand has high strength as road material that the bending value of the top surface is less than the designed bending value.By comparing the treatment effect between the section replaced by aeolian sand and the section replaced by natural sand and gravel,it is proved that the treatment effect of wet-soft foundation is good.Finally draw the conclusion : using aeolian sand as wet-soft foundation in filling material is a scientific and feasible,aeolian sand is a good material of disease in treatment of highway wet-soft foundation.It provides a reference for the use and popularization of aeolian sand as road material.

Mots clés : aeolian sand ;separate layer ;wet-soft subgrade base ;saline soil ;

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