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Xinjiang University (2021)

Parameter Optimization and Simulations of Land Surface Process in Taklamakan Desert


Titre : Parameter Optimization and Simulations of Land Surface Process in Taklamakan Desert

Auteur : 王远弘

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Xinjiang University

Résumé partiel
The Taklimakan Desert is locate in a special geographical area,located in the middle of the Asian continent.The land-atmosphere interaction in this desert region is also unique.At the same time,its atmospheric boundary layer structure is obviously different from other regions.The existence of the Taklimakan Desert also affects the monsoon circulation in eastern my country.It has a certain promoting effect and has a profound impact on the weather and climate system and environment in the arid area of northwest my country.In order to further deepen the understanding of energy,water vapor cycle and climate change in the arid region of northwest my country,it is particularly critical to study the characteristics of energy flux change and radiation budget in the Taklimakan Desert.The application of land surface models on the regional and global scales has achieved considerable development.Therefore,the use of models to study the land surface process within a region has become a reliable research method that can more clearly explore the land surface in space.Process change characteristics,but the inherent parameters and parameterization schemes of the model have different applicability on different underlying surfaces,so relevant parameter optimization and parameterization scheme improvements are required to better study the energy flux of the entire desert area Change characteristics.Firstly,the applicability of CLDAS(China Land Data Assignment System)and CMFD(China Meteorological Forcing Dataset)in the Taklimakan Desert is verified.Then,CLDAS data set was used to drive CLM3.5(Community Land Model Version 3.5)to simulate Land surface processes in the study area.After analyzing the energy and momentum mechanism processes of land-air interaction,according to the calculation process of various physical quantities of Land surface processes,CLM3.5 was determined in the six key parameters,the optimized research respectively,then design the parameter disturbance test to explore the response of model results to parameter change,again according to the actual data of the Taklamakan desert observatory,replace the default in CLM3.5 related parameters and the parameterization scheme,the simulation results of the analysis parameters before and after optimization,

Mots clés : CLDAS ;CLM 3.5 ;Surface energy flux ;Land surface process ;Taklamakan Desert ;

Présentation (CNKI)

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