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Xi’an University of Science and Technology (西安科技大学) 2021

Risk Assessment and Regionalization of Drought Disaster in Gansu Province


Titre : Risk Assessment and Regionalization of Drought Disaster in Gansu Province

Auteur : 张艳明

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Xi’an University of Science and Technology (西安科技大学)

Résumé partiel
With the development of the first national natural disaster risk survey,the research on natural disasters has stepped into a new trend.Dry early disaster is one of the most serious disasters in the world.Its duration,economic loss and impact range are the first of all kinds of natural disasters.In the case of global warming,the frequency of drought disasters is higher and higher,and the destructive power is greater and greater.Gansu Province is located in the northwest of China,the topography is more complex,most of the region is in the desert and Gobi desert,less rainfall,so the frequency of drought in Gansu Province is still very high.Based on the theoretical basis of natural disaster risk assessment,this paper uses the annual precipitation data,social attribute data and geographic information data of Gansu Province from 1962 to 2020,and uses GIS technology to select 13 corresponding evaluation indicators from the four impact indicators of drought disaster risk factors,disaster pregnant environment sensitivity,disaster bearing body loss susceptibility and disaster prevention and mitigation capacity Finally,combined with the principle of natural disaster risk zoning,the risk zoning of drought disaster in Gansu Province is carried out,and the results are verified by the drought affected area from 2000 to 2019.The main contents and conclusions are as follows :(1)Based on the annual precipitation data and temperature data collected,the frequency of light drought,medium drought,heavy drought and special drought in Gansu Province is selected as the index factor for risk assessment of disaster factors by using standardized precipitation index and drought data.For the evaluation of the sensitivity of pregnant environment,the precipitation level percentage,vegetation coverage and field water holding capacity are selected as the index factors for the risk assessment of disaster causing factors To study the factors of assessment ;for the loss of disaster bearing bodies,the economic density,the proportion of cultivated land area,the average livestock and population density are selected for evaluation and research ;the fiscal revenue and the area affected by drought and flood are selected as the evaluation indicators for disaster prevention and mitigation capacity.

Mots clés : Drought disaster ;Risk assessment ;Risk zoning ;Gansu Province ;

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