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Universität Wien (2020)

Factors of economic development in Botswana

Radu, Maria Alice

Titre : Factors of economic development in Botswana

Auteur : Radu, Maria Alice

Université de soutenance : Universität Wien

Grade : Masterarbeit 2020

Botswana represents a success story : one of the poorest African countries in the middle of the twentieth century, became in only half century one of most stable economies in the sub-Saharan continent. The purpose of this paper is to analyse which factors have determined the fast economic growth that Botswana has seen in the last half century, analyse the correlation between policies and economic development, in particular describe which development politics have been adopted in the country, which results did they allow to achieve, and how these policies have influenced the eco-nomic development of Botswana, despite some relevant problems the Botswanan had to face through the years, as the ethnic problem and AIDS epidemy. A comparative analysis with the neighbouring countries Zimbabwe and South Africa will allow to understand better the strengths and the weaknesses of Botswana’s economy, and how a correct policy approach can make a big difference in the growth and development of two at first similar countries, close for their geographic position, climate, topographic features, and similar availability of natural resources. Of course, not even an optimum policy could totally compensate for some economic disadvantages that a country initially has, which in case of Botswana could for example be the lack of access to the sea, and which, on the other hand, guaranties a huge competitive advantage to a country as South Africa ; but it can certainly make the difference.


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