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Xinjiang University (2021)

Effect of NaCl Crust on Water Evaporation in Aeolian Sand Soil


Titre : Effect of NaCl Crust on Water Evaporation in Aeolian Sand Soil

Auteur : 付小磊

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Xinjiang University

Résumé partiel
Water resources are the most important natural resources in the world,but a series of problems have been presented in the world,such as serious pollution,uneven distribution,poor water quality and intense evaporation.Among them,the arid area has attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign scholars because of its unique water resource problems,such as high salinity,intense evaporation and water shortage.In nature,salt particles will form with sand soil particle cementing salt crust with special physical and chemical properties,it can not only accelerate soil salinization,the increase of the surface reflect sunlight,aggravate natural biological salt stress,etc.,also a strong influence on sand soil evaporation,the impact of these by salt junction belt especially in arid or semi-arid region.At present,there have been some domestic studies on the effect of salt crust on soil moisture evaporation,but most of them are based on the macroscopic scale such as crust coverage degree to study the effect of salt crust on soil moisture evaporation.However,there is still insufficient research on the influence of crystal structure and growth mode on soil moisture evaporation at the microscopic scale.This paper attempts to explore the influence mechanism of salt crystals on soil moisture evaporation from a micro point of view,so as to provide a certain theoretical basis for desert management,water utilization and ecological restoration.In this paper,two kinds of different particle sizes(100-200μm and 500-800μm)and 5mol/L NaCl aqueous solutions were selected to conduct soil column evaporation test in the mobile aeolian sand soil in Ruoqiang region of Xinjiang.The influence of NaCl salt crust on water evaporation in aeolian sand soil was explored through the test

Mots clés : aeolian sandy soil ;NaCl;Salt crust ;Water evaporation ;Salt crystals ;Salt Hair ;Inhibition of quantity ;

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