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Northwest Normal University (2021)

Initial Study on Landscape Spatial Pattern of the Oasis ——A Case Study of Wuwei Oasis


Titre : Initial Study on Landscape Spatial Pattern of the Oasis ——A Case Study of Wuwei Oasis

Auteur : 虎陈霞

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Northwest Normal University

Résumé partiel
Landscape ecology is a new field of macro-ecology. The interaction between the landscape pattern and the ecology process is the key content of landscape ecology. The analysis of landscape spatial pattern is the basis of studying the interaction between landscape pattern and ecology process. Therefore, the quantitative study of landscape spatial pattern combining GIS, computer and math-model method becomes an emphasis and a new trend of today’s landscape ecology research. The oasis is a kind of arid terror landscape with heterogeneity and diversity ; it is still the basis of demos existence and the center of politics and economy in arid terror. With the development of society and economy, human impacts on oasis are increasingly strengthening. Obviously, the oasis landscape is suffering severely from human intense activities ; and it is one of the regions with the most sensitive and fragile ecology. Wuwei Oasis lies in the east part of Hexi Corridor and originates from Shiyanghe River. Of the three farming and herding oases in Hexi, Wuwei Oasis has the biggest population, the longest history of agricultural exploitation ; and it is one of the oases suffering from the strongest interference of human activities. In addition, Wuwei oasis is an important commodity-grain base of northwest area in China, and the most active region of landscape changing. Hence, to describe spatial characteristics of oasis landscape quantificationally and discuss the relation between the oasis landscape structure and human activity is most significant for more knowledge of the relationship between landscape structure, natural ecologic process and social economic activities, and for reasonable use of oasis land resources, oasis landscape ecology planning, desertification controlling and oasis environment evaluation, and so on. The author mainly discusses the theory of landscape ecology and the method in the study of oasis landscape spatial pattern.At first, the author introduces some relevant concepts, ongoing research status of landscape ecology and discusses the relationship between landscape ecology and terror sustainable development, briefly introducing the development of landscape structure study both at home and abroad

Mots clés : Oasis landscape ;Spatial pattern ;Wuwei Oasis ;Landscape planning ;

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