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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学) 2021

Study on Water Inflow Prediction and Risk Response of Typical Coal Mine in Arid Area of Northwest China


Titre : Study on Water Inflow Prediction and Risk Response of Typical Coal Mine in Arid Area of Northwest China

Auteur : 姬腾达

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学)

Résumé partiel
As the main energy source in China,coal plays an irreplaceable role in the national economy.However,coal mine water accidents frequently appear in the process of mine production,which seriously threatens the safety of coal mine production.In order to ensure safe production of coal mine,this paper takes the sea coal mine,na Lin no.2 coal mine as a typical mining area,the northwest arid area based on groundwater dynamics,special hydrogeology theory,through the collection of data,high precision geophysical field experiment,the field of hydrogeology and indoor parameters estimation,the simulation field water level series test,numerical simulation method and means,such as dynamic prediction the sea mines and na Lin no.2 coal mine mining water inflow ;Flood accidents that may occur on the way of mine production and risk avoidance measures are analyzed and put forward.It provides scientific basis for mining coal resources and safety production.The conclusions are as follows :(1)Based on the hydrogeological borehole data and field geophysical exploration tests in the study area,the strata are reasonably generalized according to the lithology and water-proof properties of the strata.Daize coal mine and Nalinhe No.2 coal mine are generalized into 9 strata,and the direct and indirect water sources of coal seams are determined.(2)in the sea is mine and na Lin no.2 coal mine,the numerical simulation model is set up,in the study area by identifying the model validation phase and water balance analysis,the results show that the numerical model is successful and hydrogeological parameters after tuning parameter is consistent with the actual conditions,the numerical model to simulate the hydrological geological entity model can replace the actual hydrogeological structure.(3)Using numerical method,large well method and water collecting corridor method,the water inflow prediction and research are carried out respectively for Daize Coal Mine and Nalinhe No.2 Coal Mine.Through the prediction results of water inflow,various forecasting methods are mutually verified to a certain extent.Because the coal mining is in the state of continuous tunneling,the large well method and the water collecting corridor method can only be used as the reference basis,and the prediction of the water inflow in the coal mine is still subject to the numerical method.

Mots clés : Coal Mine ;Aquifer;Forecast of water inflow ;Numerical model ;Big well method ;Catchment corridor method ;Uncertainty analysis ;Risk Early Warning and Forecas

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