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Tarim University (2020)

Effect of Natural Weeds on Fuji Apple Orchard in Arid Desert Area


Titre : Effect of Natural Weeds on Fuji Apple Orchard in Arid Desert Area

Auteur : 陈俊

Grade : Master’s Theses 2020

Université : Tarim University

Résumé partiel
Apples are the main cultivated fruit trees in Xinjiang’s southern Xinjiang basin.However,Xinjiang’s southern Xinjiang is dry and rainy,and the soil is barren.For a long time,the clearing system has made the orchard soil’s ability to retain fertilizer and water poor,which in turn affects fruit quality and yield.In this study,the grassland area and the clear cultivation area were used as test points to compare the differences in microclimate factors,soil physical and chemical properties,photosynthetic characteristics,leaf quality,and fruit quality of apples between the grass area and the clear cultivation area.Grey correlation analysis,regression analysis,path analysis,and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods were conducted on apple canopy microclimate,soil physical and chemical indicators,main photosynthetic and limiting factors of net photosynthetic rate,apple fruit quality,etc.The purpose of this analysis is to reveal the impact of natural grass on improving the ecological environment of the orchard and improving the quality of the fruit,and to provide a certain theoretical basis and technical guidance for soil management in the apple orchard.The main research results obtained are as follows :(1)The cooling effect of natural grass on the lower and middle layers of the apple canopy is better than that of the upper layer,and the moisturizing effect on the lower layer and the ability to weaken the light intensity are better than the middle and upper layers ;natural grass reduces the ground temperature of each soil layer of the orchard The cooling effect weakens as the soil depth increases.The comprehensive evaluation of the canopy microclimate shows that natural grass improves the microclimate environment of each apple canopy,and its regulating effect weakens as the apple canopy height increases.

Mots clés : Apple ;natural grass ;microclimate environment ;photosynthetic characteristics ;soil physical and chemical properties ;

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