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Inner Mongolia Normal University (2017)

Study on New Rural Planning in Typical Desert ——A Case Study of Ejina Banner


Titre : Study on New Rural Planning in Typical Desert ——A Case Study of Ejina Banner

Auteur : 乌日其其格

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Inner Mongolia Normal University

Desert area as a special area,its new countryside construction of course has its particularity.China’s desert areas are mainly distributed in the northwest and north,in this area,the natural environment is bad,the economic development is backward,the scientific cause is developing slowly,the idea is backward,the medical and health condition is poor.Therefore,how to construct new countryside in the desert area have great significance[1].Ejina Banner is located in the westernmost of Alxa League Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,and have the largest administrative area in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.The territory is mostly uninhabited desert area,Landscape mainly is the gobi desert,due to the special nature of the geographical environment,it’s a realistic problem that how to made new countryside construction accord with local environmental came true.But with the social development and the introduction of various types of state planning and construction policies has brought the opportunity to new countryside construction for the Ejina Banner.This paper mainly draws on the new rural construction theory and research results,the actual situation of Ejina Banner has been deeply analyzed,put forward the new coutryside planning and construction suggestion for Ejina Banner,And through the analysis of Gurinai Gacha、Anggeciyintaolai Gacha、Jirigelangtu Gacha that the three typical Gacha planning and construction projects of Ejina Banner,puts forward the planning of desert area,which is based on the planning and construction of the new countryside of Ejina,That is,new countryside planning and construction of agriculture-based areas,animal husbandry-based areas,tourism-oriented areas.

Mots clés : new countryside ;Ejina Banner ;desert area ;planning and construction ;

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