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Southwest Forestry University (2020)

Characteristics of Soil Macropores in Different Land Use Types in the Arid Valley of the Red River


Titre : Characteristics of Soil Macropores in Different Land Use Types in the Arid Valley of the Red River

Auteur : 陈婷婷

Grade : Master’s Theses 2020

Université : Southwest Forestry University

Soil macropores are the main channels for water movement in soil,which can cause soil nutrient loss and groundwater pollution.Studying the characteristics of soil macropores can provide a certain theoretical basis for proving the characteristics of soil infiltration and the law of soil and water loss,and provide scientific support for regional environment water resource management and soil and water conservation.This study takes the soil of agricultural land,wasteland,garden land and woodland in the arid valley of the Red River as the research object.Based on the water penetration curve method and classical statistical analysis,it quantitatively analyzes the characteristics of soil macropores,and studies the influence of environmental factors on the formation of soil macropores,the research results are as follows :(1)The soil physical and chemical factors and soil saturation hydraulic conductivity of the four land use types of forest land,garden land,waste land and agricultural land were significantly different(P<0.05).The soil content of the four types of land use was the highest,the soil clay content was the second,and the soil grit content was the least.In the vertical direction of the soil,the soil bulk density and soil powder content of the four land types increased with the depth of the soil.The soil bulk density is expressed as agricultural land>garden land>wasteland >forestland ;soil clay content,total soil porosity,capillary porosity,aeration porosity,soil organic matter content,soil aggregates,soil saturated hydraulic conductivity and total soil nitrogen content of agricultural land as a whole deepen with soil depth In order to reduce,the total porosity is expressed as forest land(64.18%)> wasteland(51.59%)> garden land(48.15%)>agricultural land(47.72%),and organic matter content and soil saturation hydraulic conductivity are expressed as forest land >Ground> Agricultural land > Barren land ;the overall content of Al,Fe,Na elements in deep soil is significantly larger than that in the table Soil(P<0.05),Ga element content greater than the overall showing deep soil topsoil(P<0.05),K,Mg elements in the soil distribution in the vertical direction no regularity.(2)The characteristic of soil water penetration curve of 4 types of land is that the stable outflow rate decreases with the increase of soil depth.It takes 40-100 s from the first water outflow to the water flow stability,in the range of 0-50 cm soil depth

Mots clés : soil macropores ;water penetration curve method ;influencing factors ;dry valley ;

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