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Sultan Qaboos University (2016)

Triterpenoids from pergularia toosament L.

Al-Rubaiaiyah, Fatma Rashid Salim.

Titre : Triterpenoids from pergularia toosament L.

Auteur : Al-Rubaiaiyah, Fatma Rashid Salim.

Université de soutenance : Sultan Qaboos University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry 2016

The aerial parts of Pergularia tomentosa L. (Apocynaceae) collected from Oman were extracted by maceration using three solvents (Hexane, ethyl acetate, ethanol and their mixtures). Purification of hexane : chloroform (1:1), hexane : chloroform (4:1) and ethyl acetate fractions resulted in isolation of 3-acetyl lupeol (35), 3-acetyl a-amyrin (36), sitosterol-3-0-B-D-glucoside (37) respectively and a yet to be identified triacylglycerol (F-PT-22-comp 2). Their Structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods (2D-NMR, R, and MALDI- TOF) and by comparison with literature data. Additionally, brine shrimp lethality assay showed that the crude extracts and some selected fractions from P. tomentosa were inactive at LC5o = 500 ug/mL.

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