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Eindhoven University of Technology (2018)

The antropochorous center a human solution to desertification - Great Green Wall

van den Heiligenberg, Y.J

Titre : The antropochorous center a human solution to desertification - Great Green Wall

Auteur : van den Heiligenberg, Y.J

Université de soutenance : Eindhoven University of Technology

Grade : Master Thesis 2018

The agricultural world has become industrialized in the past 200 years. From small local farmers providing for their own food to big mono-culture farms are producing food now. This industrialization is driven by functionality and pure building technology. Agriculture has become disconnected from its location making the landscape surrounding it not needing to be recourse full anymore. This change provides for a possible reassessment of possibilities in areas deemed degraded or non-profi table. Agriculture can become a tool for approaching world problems. An area like the sub-Sahara region can become revitalized again through the new industrial approach of contemporary agriculture. In the sub-Sahara region approximately 100 million people are malnourished. They do not receive enough food or water at a daily basis. Furthermore is it expected that the population will increase and food production needs to grow four times to provide in food demand. Problems like desertifi cation are increasing stress levels on available services and decreasing possible land for cultivation. This resulting in the growing demand for a solution. This solution is handed by the Great Green Wall initiative. This is initiative focusing on re-greening the Sahel and through that revitalizing arable lands. This is done through counteract erosion and to increase the water retaining capabilities of the fertile soil. From these interventions and through the revitalization food and water security of local inhabitants can be improved. The initiative aims to reverse land degradation, avert future humanitarian crises in the Sahel and transform the arid lands of the Sahara into rural production hubs. As country suited for re-greening and heavily infl uenced by land degradation caused by desertifi cation, Burkina Faso is embracing this initiative. The inhabitants are one of the poorest in the world and therefore not able to counteract against this problem. Furthermore are they experiencing the effects of climate change in their daily life. From the government of Burkina Faso policies are carried out trying to increase participation by local farmers. Their aim is to divide the burden of seed gathering. Through datasets analyzing the biophysical potential and current state in which the local inhabitants are living a location was found for a research toward fi nding an architectural object which can make a suitable contribution to the development of the Great Green Wall

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