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Food Security for African Smallholder Farmers

Springer, Singapore

Titre : Food Security for African Smallholder Farmers

*Focuses on African research and smallholder farmers
* Presents key drivers of transformation of the African smallholder agriculture
* key policy options for the successful uptake of agricultural technologies

Editor (s) : Hupenyu Allan MupambwaAdornis Dakarai NciizahPatrick NyamboBinganidzo MucharaNdakalimwe Naftal Gabriel
Publisher  : Springer, Singapore
Date de parution : 2022
Pages : 442

This book provides a synthesis of current agricultural research in Africa with the aim of presenting evidence based information that can be directly applied into improving the African smallholder farmers’ food security. It presents positive scientific research that has been undertaken in Africa, in simpler terms, thus driving the research for development agenda contributing to the attainment of SDG 2. Numerous research that targets resource poor African smallholder farmers has been published, yet the region faces very low productivity levels. This lack of translation from research to food security and increased agricultural incomes is due to the poor uptake of scientific research by farmers, which is partly due to poor presentation of this body of knowledge into simpler forms that extension workers and farmers can directly adopt. Therefore, this book offers research information in an easy, digestible and application oriented style, so as to enable transformation of the African agricultural sector by effectively driving agricultural productivity in Africa. This book is of interest to African extension workers, who will translate the simplified knowledge into lessons that can be useful to smallholder farmers. The book is also beneficial for policy makers as well as academics, researchers and other science based professionals.

Mots clés  : Climate ChangeDegraded SoilsHousehold Food SecuritySoil Fertility ManagementSocio-Economic ImpactSubsistence Farming

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