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Climate Risk and Sustainable Water Management

Cambridge University Press

Titre : Climate Risk and Sustainable Water Management

*Makes the theory accessible to readers without specialized training in science
* Illustrates relevant theory step-by-step using ordinary-language explanations and examples throughout
* Provides an inter-disciplinary approach to many topics including hydrological extremes, climate variability and climate, impact assessment, risk analysis, hydrological modeling

Editor (s) : Qiuhong Tang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeijingGuoyong Leng, Oxford University Centre for the Environment
Publisher  : Cambridge University Press
Date de parution : April 2022
Pages : 502

Climate change is leading to changing patterns of precipitation and increasingly extreme global weather. There is an urgent need to synthesize our current knowledge on climate risks to water security, which in turn is fundamental for achieving sustainable water management. Climate Risk and Sustainable Water Management discusses hydrological extremes, climate variability, climate impact assessment, risk analysis, and hydrological modelling. It provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary exploration of climate risks to water security, helping to guide sustainable water management in a changing and uncertain future. The relevant theory is accessibly explained using examples throughout, helping readers to apply the knowledge learned to their own situations and challenges. This textbook is especially valuable to students of hydrology, resource management, climate change, and geography, as well as a reference textbook for researchers, civil and environmental engineers, and water management professionals concerned with water-related hazards, water cycles, and climate change.


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