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Groundwater in Egypt’s Deserts

Springer, Cham

Titre : Groundwater in Egypt’s Deserts

*Focuses on water quality and water quantity in different regions of Egypt’s deserts
* Provides detailed instructions on the exploration and utilization of underground water in Egypt
* Explains how the available water resources can be used to enhance the sustainable development of Egypt’s deserts
* Suggests solutions to the problems of waterlogging in arid lands

Editor (s) : Abdelazim NegmAhmed Elkhouly
Publisher  : Springer Cham
Date de parution : 2021
Pages : 442

This book brings together contributions from groundwater researchers and scientists on underground water resources in Egypt’s deserts. The aquifers’ quantity and quality are evaluated in many regions of the Egyptian deserts using established methods that can be effectively employed to investigate the potential for sustainable development in Egypt and similarly arid countries. The water resources in Egypt’s deserts are subject to deterioration, mainly by land salinization and water deficiency.

This book presents the best management practices, water quantity and quality, and optimal and sustainable usage of available groundwater. The book offers a unique guide for all readers interested in groundwater, modeling, and assessment for sustainable development in Egypt and countries with similar weather and water conditions.

Mots clés  : GroundwaterManagementNumerical SimulationSatellite ImageWater loggingDepressionsModellingExplorationshydrogeologynatural resources and energy economicsquantitative geology

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