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Handbook of Climate Change Across the Food Supply Chain

Springer, Cham

Titre : Handbook of Climate Change Across the Food Supply Chain

*Describes innovation on climate change and food production in a comprehensive way
* Provides a sound basis to promote efforts in the field of food production under a changing climate
* Fills in a market niche, being a comprehensive publication on the topic

Editor (s) : Walter Leal Filho, Ilija Djekic, Sergiy Smetana, Marina Kovaleva
Publisher  : Springer Cham
Date de parution : 2022
Pages : 489

This book presents climate change as a global phenomenon which affects the entire food chain. Many studies analyzing environmental impacts of food systems confirm significant effects of food production on climate change. Most of them associate primary production with emission of greenhouse gasses identified as one of the causes resulting in warming the atmosphere and global climate effects. A wider perspective shows that the food chains start at farms with consumers being at the end of the pipeline. This approach emphasizes the role of the entire food chain highlighting different kinds of environmental impacts affecting climate change.

On the other side, temperature changes and variations of precipitation patterns, together with extreme weather events and water reduction, are recognized as predictors for producing less food, decreased food quality, new food safety risks, biodiversity losses, and depletion of resources associated with food production in modified circumstances. Last but not least, these effects introduce new threats known as food security where some assumptions stress that almost one billion of people are hungry not receiving enough food as a result of climate changes. As a result, the UN highlights the need for combating climate change and promotes sustainable (food) consumption and production.

Based on the perceived need to promote and disseminate information on climate change related to food system, the “Handbook of Climate change across the food supply chain” is being produced. The publication compiles information, experiences, practical initiatives, and projects around the subject matter and makes it available to a wide audience. It is expected that the “Handbook of Climate change across the food supply chain” makes many benefits of climate service clearer and, inter alia, leads to an increase in the demand for such important services.

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Page publiée le 3 avril 2022