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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学) 2015

Research on Deserticulture Development of Naiman


Titre : Research on Deserticulture Development of Naiman [1]

Auteur : 闫冬

Grade : Master’s Theses 2015

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (内蒙古农业大学)

Deserts have long been known as our "cancer". However, as people increasingly attach importance to the protection of the ecological environment, puts forward the great development of the deserticulture theory, people no longer turn the face when they talk about the sand. The prospects for the development of deserticulture and the industry more broadly concerned. Proved in practice, the development of deserticulture can not only make the natural ecological environment in desert area is improved, reducing the area of desertification, but also can make the desert sand turning waste into treasure, promote regional economic growth. Through the development of deserticulture in recent years, the desert area of situation, the development of deserticulture can effectively promote the desert area of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline and fishery, which achieves the effect of increasing farmers’income, increased corporate profits, government tax and realize the economic benefit and ecological benefit. Therefore, the study of Naiman’s deserticulture not only has theoretical value, but also has practical significance.Based on the widely read literature, summarized basic sort data and field research, in deserticulture related concepts and theory, first Naiman’s deserticulture development were analyzed and formulated an action SWOT matrix and action strategies:then for ecological and industrial chain Naiman’s deserticulture development were analyzed, to find out the basis of new economic growth points:Finally, theory, analysis and action strategies related industrial chain SWOT analysis of Naiman’s deserticulture specific countermeasures and suggestions. Through research the Naiman’s deserticulture to explore new paths for its future development. To promote Naiman’s economic grow better and faster

Mots clés : Deserticulture ;Eco-Efficency ;Chain;Naiman ;

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