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Ningxia University (2015)

Study on Characteristic of Carbon Balance in Middle Arid Region of Ningxia


Titre : Study on Characteristic of Carbon Balance in Middle Arid Region of Ningxia

Auteur : 李媛

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2015

Université : Ningxia University

Résumé partiel
Land is the material basis for human survival. Different land use types attach different vegetation, bearing different human activities, also containing different carbon transfer process. The changes of land use patterns will break carbon balance formed for a long time and lead to changes in regional carbon budgets. Middle arid region of Ningxia has experienced a long period of deforestation, especially in recent years the large scale of the returning farmland to forest (grass), ecological migration engineering, resulted in great changes in land use types, which will have a great effect on carbon cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to construct an appropriate method suitable for studying the characteristic of carbon balance in the arid and semi arid area, which is on the basis of establishing corresponding relations between the carbon absorption/emission and land use types. The method and data support can be provided for regional land use planning, assessment of ecosystem service value and establishment of ecological compensation mechanism. Meanwhile, these can improve carbon cycle research system.The representative counties, Yanchi, Tongxin and Haiyuan, were chosen as study areas, which are in the middle arid region of Ningxia. Data sources include meteorological data, TM images, MODIS product, soil data and statistical data. On the base of analyzing the meteorological conditions, the potential evapotranspiration and land use patterns of the study areas, starting from carbon absorption and emission, the characteristics of carbon balance of different land use types were calculated and analyzed by using remote sensing, geographical information system, field investigation etc

Mots clés : carbon balange ;carbon absorption intensity ;CASA model ;land use type ;middle arid region of Ningxia ;

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