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SECURING LAND RIGHTS - Communal Land Reform in Namibia

University of Namibia Press, Namibia

Titre : SECURING LAND RIGHTS - Communal Land Reform in Namibia

Autor/ Editor (s) : Romie Vonkie Nghitevelekwa
Publisher  : University of Namibia Press, Namibia
Date de parution : 2020
Pages : 188

Securing land rights takes up themes at the centre of socio-political debates throughout the African continent. These relate to national struggles over access to land, land distribution, land rights and security of tenure. Land in much of rural Africa is communally held, a system that provides security of livelihood and a social safety net, but is not immune to appropriation by government or injustices such as the eviction of women from the land on the death of their husbands.

This book contextualises Namibia within these debates, highlighting the country’s stance in relation to communal land tenure reforms with a focus on the realities of people’s lives in north-central Namibia. Leading questions centre on competing ways of ascribing value to land ; mechanisms and monetisation of access to land ; commercialisation of land use, de-agrarianization and ongoing transformation underpinned by economic and territorial restructuring.

These processes have direct impacts on equity in access to land and land distribution, and engender competing visions of land rights. Communal land reform is an uneasy compromise between different processes and interests

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