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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2022)

The Desertification of Croplands - FUTURE PRESENT PAST

Alexander Severinsky

Titre : The Desertification of Croplands - FUTURE PRESENT PAST

Auteurs  : Alexander Severinsky
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2022-02-16
Pages : 116

Engineering analysis of desertification of croplands makes use of radiative heating by greenhouse gasses. The FUTURE chapter has an analysis in a sequence of a) radiative forcings with NO NEW anthropogenic emissions post 2020 ; b) global average in-ground temperature increase by 2100 and its probability ; c) increases in continental isotherms temperature leading to desertification ; and d) spread of deserts over croplands. Readers may explore the derivative website for their own analysis. There is an analysis of croplands depletion from 1950 to 2100 using the S-Curve. The PRESENT chapter has an analysis of the current atmospheric temperature rise. It is over 5 oC, and causes similar green leaf temperature increase, an increase in ice melting over 90 cm/year, and air work energy increase by 40 Joules/mole. This explains spread of deserts, increase in forest fires, and increased intensity of air disturbances. The PAST chapter has an engineering analysis of de-carbonization alternatives. The 1st engineering principle of performance-vs.-cost is applied via power density of various energy sources. Nuclear plants have the largest power density.

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