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Our Knowledge Publishing (2021)

Contribution to the biological study of prlatoria oleae

Narimene Oussalah, Mohammed Biche

Titre : Contribution to the biological study of prlatoria oleae

Auteur (s)  : Narimene Oussalah, Mohammed Biche
Editeur  : Our Knowledge Publishing
Date de parution : 2021-06-04
Pages : 60

This present work carried out in an olive grove in Medjena (BBA) which is located in the highlands at 10Km from the wilaya of BBA. This region is located on the sub-arid bioclimatic stage characterized therefore by a cold winter and a dry and hot summer. In order to identify the main biological peculiarities of the species, we carried out periodic counts of the populations of the violet olive mealybug.The results of this study show that the Parlatoria oleae mealybug has two annual generations : one generation spring and autumn for their development. The species has two spawning periods knowing that the onset of the latter is late. The natural mortality of this diaspine is two orders ; it is climatic for the young stages and physiological for adult females. The east and west orientations present harmful environments where the climatic conditions are unfavorable. Parasitism was not felt in this species

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