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Marmara University (2020)

Zonguldak ve Devrek’in iklim özellikleri - Climate characteristics of Zonguldak and Devrek

Hangül, Ezgi Gamze

Titre : Zonguldak ve Devrek’in iklim özellikleri - Climate characteristics of Zonguldak and Devrek

Auteur : Hangül, Ezgi Gamze

Université de soutenance : Marmara University

Grade : Master Thesis 2020

Climate ; natural environment is very influential element of human life andactivities. Therefore, it is important to know of an area’s climate. In this study, the climaticcharacteristics of Zonguldak and Devrek in the Western Black Sea Region were examinedand compared. Between the years 1965-2018 The climate data of Zonguldak and Devrekwere obtained from the General Directorate of Meteorology and analyzed. The obtainedresults are supported by transforming them into tables and graphics. Also ; the place andcharacteristics of Zonguldak and Devrek in climate classifications were determined byusing Köppen, De Martonne, Thornthwaite and Erinç methods.Zonguldak and Devrek show similar characteristics in terms of climate.However, there are some differences when the climatic elements are evaluated. Althoughthe two meteorological observation stations show similar characteristics in terms oftemperature conditions, there are important differences according to precipitationconditions. The mean yearly temperature of Zonguldak is 13,8° C, and the temperatureof Devrek is 14,2° C. While the mean annual precipitation is 1210.7 mm in Zonguldak, itis 769.1 mm in Devrek. According to Rubinstein’s formula ; the prevailing wind directionof Zonguldak is S 37° E with a frequency of %42.4. In Devrek ; the annual prevailingwind direction is N 18° E sector with a frequency of %37.4, the second-degree prevailingwind direction is is S 31° W and has a frequency of %41. In addition, according to climateclassification, there are also differences as well as similarities. According to the Köppenclassification ; Zonguldak and Devrek are in the mild temperate zone, from humid/moisttemperate climates to a climate that is mild winters, very hot in summer and rainy in allseasons. According to De Martonne classification ; Zonguldak and Devrek fall intooceanic climate zone. According to Erinç’s Precipitation Efficiency Index ; Zonguldakvery humid climate, vegetation is very humid forest ; Devrek is classified as a semi-humidclimate and an arid forest with a park-like vegetation. As a result of all the data in thisstudy, it has been determined that while the Black Sea climate prevails in Zonguldak,characteristics similar to the Black Sea climate are observed in Devrek, but terrestrialeffects also manifest themselves.


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