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University of Malta (2016)

The feasibility of biogas systems in farms in Gozo

Zammit, Vivienne

Titre : The feasibility of biogas systems in farms in Gozo

Auteur : Zammit, Vivienne

Université de soutenance : University of Malta

Grade : MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability 2016

The renewable energy sector in Malta has been given a lot of importance in the last years due to the EU-sanctioned 10% target that Malta has to reach by 2020. An option that can be a very useful source of renewable energy is the installation of biogas plants on farms. Biogas systems are able to treat manure and produce electrical energy. This type of technology has been used in farms around the world for several years however in Malta it is a relatively new concept. In fact, none of the farms in Malta or Gozo have a biogas system. Biogas plants in Malta would eliminate extra costs incurred by manure treatment conducted by the Water Services Corporation (WSC) and prevent contamination of sea and ground water. The purpose of this research study is to analyse whether a biogas plant is viable in four individual farms or if shared among all of them. Interviews with the farm owners were carried out to obtain data regarding manure production, electricity consumption and handling of animal waste on each farm. This information along with other data obtained from literature were evaluated through a cost-benefit analysis in order to determine the viability of the plant. The results indicated that a biogas plant shared among the four farms is economically more feasible than a biogas plant per farm. The payback period is 13 years when farmers do not receive Government subsidies. A biogas plant in any of the selected farms is not viable due to the small size of the farms and longer payback time. The construction and operation of a biogas plant serving four farms in Gozo would enable the generation of energy from waste and the production of good quality fertilizer. This would be of benefit to the environment and, economy, and in the best interests of society.

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