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Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (2019)

Possibilities of Sudan gras use in organic farming

Marić Marija

Titre : Possibilities of Sudan gras use in organic farming

Mogućnost upotrebe sudanske trave u ekološkom ratarenju

Auteur : Marić Marija

Université de soutenance : Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Grade : Master’s Thesis (magistar/ magistra inženjer/inženjerka ekološke poljoprivrede) 2019

Sudan grass is a high-yield culture that is rich in nutrients. Since it does not require a lot to grow, it is an ideal culture for ecological cultivation. It can be grown as a cover crop because it protects the soil from insolation and wind thus preserving its structure, it increases soil organic matter levels, and it prevents the spread of certain diseases and pests. Sudan grass and its hybrids are drought resistant which makes them a great alternative to perennial plants – Sudan grass and its hybrids compensate for the decrease in productivity during the drought periods. They are capable of producing high amount of dry matter during the harvest of both the cover crops and cash crops. What is also interesting is that Sudan grass, when grown as a cover crop, does not have a negative effect on the production of food for people or forage for animals.Since it produces a great amount of yields, Sudan grass is an interesting alternative to using corn silage in biogas plants. It has been proven that the amount of generated biogas can be increased up to 32 % by adding the Sudan grass to improve the effects of manure in biogas production. There was no statistically significant difference in methane concentration between the groups, which means that the quality of biogas was in no way affected by adding the biomass

Présentation : Croatian Digital Theses Repository (CDRT)

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