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Kenyatta University (2021)

Microcredit Services and Performance of Women Owned Enterprises in Kilifi County, Kenya

Julius, Saumu Sidi

Titre : Microcredit Services and Performance of Women Owned Enterprises in Kilifi County, Kenya

Auteur : Julius, Saumu Sidi

Université de soutenance  : Kenyatta University

Grade : Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) 2021

Résumé partiel
Even though women owned enterprises are playing a crucial task in ensuring economic growth, most of them are faced with issues with commercial banks remaining adamant in advancing credit facilities. Majority of them are at micro level and have limited capability of transacting into larger institutions due to limited skills, knowledge and low accessibility to credit facilities. The main economic activities that the women are engaged in Kilifi County include small scale business/trade, bodaboda business, Mnazi tapping and casual labour. There has been a rise in the number of women owned enterprises in the County with the advent of county government system. The County Government of Kilifi has given procurement opportunities and credit to women to start or expand their businesses. The study sought to bridge the gap by finding out how Kilifi County women owned enterprises affected by microcredit services and specific objectives were to establish how performance of the women owned enterprises are influenced loan facilities, saving sources, financial literacy services and convenience of credit institutions. Dynamic capability theory of the firm and RBV theory anchored the study. 1281 Kilifi County women owned enterprises was the study population. Stratified random sampling technique was used. 296 of women owners, women partners and women managers of these registered enterprises in Kilifi County was the sample size. Both quantitative and qualitative data was obtained. To analyze qualitative data, content analysis was employed. Both inferential and descriptive statistics were employed for quantitative data covering regression analysis, standard deviations and mean. The study established that microcredit services had a positive effect on the performance of women owned enterprises in Kilifi County. The study concluded that microcredit services offered by MFIs positively and significantly influenced the performance of Kilifi County women-owned enterprises. The study recommends that the women-owned enterprises ought to be sensitized on the available microcredit services and how to access them and that the saving culture of enterprises need to be improves to enhance their capital base and performance


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