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Palestinian Youth Empowerment Programme


Agence Belge de Développement

Titre : Palestinian Youth Empowerment Programme

Pays : Palestine

Durée : Date de début : 01 January 2022 — Date de fin : 05 January 2025

Résumé  : The Youth Economic Empowerment in Palestine (YEP) Action aims to address the lack of economic prospects for Palestinian youths, including vulnerable youth and young women, by empowering them to access decent employment opportunities.

The Action is part of the larger “Palestinian Youth Empowerment Programme”, funded by the EU Neighbourhood Instrument and to be implemented through complementary actions led by UNFPA, Sharek Youth Forum in partnership with the Centre for Youth Economic Empowerment, and Enabel in Palestine.

The Overall Objective of the Palestinian Youth Empowerment Programme is to improve Palestinian youth’s contribution to economic, social and public life.

Objectif Général : Enhanced Palestinian young people’s employability and economic empowerment

Bailleur : Union Européenne

Budget : 4 672 897.20 €

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Page publiée le 11 juillet 2022