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Emergency food assistance in Amhara Region


Titre : Emergency food assistance in Amhara Region

Pays /Région : Ethiopie
Localisation : Amhara Region

Date : February – July 2022

The conflict in the Tigray region spilled into the Amhara region in 2021, causing many households to flee their homes for safety and abandon their livelihoods. The fighting has now moved elsewhere which has enabled displaced households in North Shewa Zone to return home, assess the devastation, begin to restart their livelihoods, and become accessible for humanitarian assistance.

To support the return of displaced households LWF Ethiopia will distribute four monthly food baskets to vulnerable conflict-affected households. Each month, households will receive rations of wheat flour, beans and oil. Households with young children and/or pregnant women and/or lactating mothers will also receive a supplement of fortified corn-soya blend.

A total of 955 households (approximately 4,775 people) are expected to be reached with this assistance.

Bénéficiaires  : 4 775

Lead Member : Canadian Lutheran World Relief
Partenariat Mise en oeuvre  : Lutheran World Federation Ethiopia (LWF Ethiopia)

Budget : $508,114

Présentation (Canadian Foodgrains Bank)

Page publiée le 11 juillet 2022