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Building Resilience Against Crisis Effects (BRACE) Kenya


Titre : Building Resilience Against Crisis Effects (BRACE) Kenya

Pays /Région : Kenya

Date / Durée  : April 2021 — 1 an

The Turkana Central sub-county has the highest level of poverty in Kenya and is the 13th most affected county in terms of COVID-19 infection. The effects of COVID-19 coupled with other disasters such as recurrent droughts and famine have resulted in increased vulnerability and loss of livelihoods among the communities ADRA’s BRACE project aims to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and resilient food security for women, men, boys, and girls affected by COVID-19 in Turkana Central sub-county in Kenya. The goals of this initiative are to increase the consumption of nutritious food, protect and strengthen livelihoods, and promote meaningful participation and empowerment of women in the local food system.

Bénéficiaires  : 12,000 Individuals

Partenariat  : ADRA Kenya and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Présentation : ADRA

Page publiée le 30 juin 2022