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Makueni Savings Groups and Agriculture (Kenya)


Titre : Makueni Savings Groups and Agriculture (Kenya)

Pays /Région : Kenya
Localisation : Makueni County

Date : January 2020 – March 2023

Without access to proper financial services, families cannot start new businesses, expand their farms, or survive emergencies without selling valuable assets. This leads them to resort to loan sharks which keep them in a perpetual cycle of poverty with predatory interest rates.

Food insecurity in the region is due to a high population, environmental degradation, deforestation, recurring drought, and soil erosion. In addition, lack of access to good seeds and other farming inputs have significantly reduced crop output. Farmers also struggle with post-harvest losses from pests and mold.

Through local church partners, 240 new savings groups will be established, providing 6,000 individuals a place to save and take out loans. Members will also be trained in business skills, women’s empowerment, basic health and nutrition, and gardening. Additionally, 800 farmers will be trained in conservation agriculture to help increase their crop output in the dry region.

Bénéficiaires  : 6,800 families will have the tools and training they require to grow their income, save their wealth, and climb out of extreme poverty in a sustainable manner

Budget : $634,736

Présentation (Tearfund)

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