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Food Security and Livelihoods - Hobicha Ethiopia


Titre : Food Security and Livelihoods - Hobicha Ethiopia

Pays /Région : Ethiopia
Localisation : Hobicha

Date : March 2021 – February 2024

Faced with immense physical and spiritual needs around them, Ethiopian churches are eager to respond. Hunger is a perpetual problem, with many families struggling to eat more than one meal a day 5-6 months out of the year.

There is food insecurity in the region due to a high population, environmental degradation, deforestation, recurring drought, and soil erosion. Much of the crop grown is lost due to inefficient market practices, and population pressures (coupled with limited employment opportunities) make it difficult for farmers to find alternative work.

Church pastors and leaders will engage Tearfund’s church-based community transformation approach, participating in Bible studies and workshops to learn more about holistic mission and God’s mandate for them. They will be trained in conservation agriculture techniques, savings groups, and women’s empowerment to help them ensure sustainable development of their communities.

Bénéficiaires  : 27 local churches will be mobilized and equipped to meet the needs around them, helping their communities escape physical and spiritual poverty. Farmers will be able to grow more crops to feed their families and increase their income. Communities will become more climate resilient and women will be empowered.

Budget : $600,000

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