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Mekele Emergency Food Aid (Ethiopia)


Titre : Mekele Emergency Food Aid (Ethiopia)

Pays /Région : Ethiopia
Localisation : Mekele City

Date : May 2021 – September 2021

Civil war in Tigray has caused millions of families to flee for their lives. Two million people have already fled as refugees to neighbouring Sudan or to other places within Ethiopia.

The conflict is particularly brutal. Starvation and rape are being used as weapons of war. In a place where there was already food insecurity, an estimated 90% of families are now on the brink of starvation. Families left everything behind, and now they lack health care, water, sanitation, and food.

Tearfund is on the frontlines, helping the most vulnerable families (including children-headed households, widows, young mothers, the elderly, and those living with disabilities). This project aims at providing emergency food packages to those who are critically hungry. Each basket contains rice, flour, beans and cooking oil, which will last a family of five for 2 months. Nutritional supplements will be provided for pregnant women, lactating women, and children under 5.

Bénéficiaires  : 9,000 vulnerable families will have enough food to eat at least three meals a day for two months.

Budget : $575, 122

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