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Innovative sanitation services for Bamako (Mali)


Titre : Innovative sanitation services for Bamako (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Date/Durée : 2016

PRACTICA provides technical assistance to the NGO Protos in the design, implementation and monitoring of three innovative solutions : * Alternative emptying services to serve households using non-spillable pits by Spiros truck * A smartphone application, facilitating the control and management of the emptying services * A call center aimed at optimizing the connection between customers and emptiers

* Advisory support on the development of alternative emptying services * Capacity building / training of emptiers * Support to the development of a smartphone application to optimise technical and financial performance * Setting up a call center to facilitate the connection between emptiers and households * Support to a marketing campaign on alternative emptying services

IMPACT : Improve the living environment of the low-income inhabitants of 9 neighbourhoods of communes I and IV of the District of Bamako.
OUTCOME : Emptying services strengthened for 100,000 people in the 9 neighbourhoods.

Budget : € 276,000 (VIA Water 67% and Protos&PRACTICA 33%)

Présentation (Practica Foundation)

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