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Smart Water for Agriculture (SWA) Kenya


Titre : Smart Water for Agriculture (SWA) Kenya

Pays : Kenya

Date/Durée : 2016 - 2019

Smart Water for Agriculture is a 4-year project (2016-2019) to support farmer-led irrigation in Kenya. The project combines a farmer-led and market driven approach to bring smart water solutions to scale through the Kenyan and Dutch private sector. Smart packages are co-developed with farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders within Irrigation Acceleration Platforms. Promoted packages include a range of products and services that are introduced in combination with tailor-made finance solutions and innovative tools for knowledge dissemination.

* Establish Irrigation Acceleration Platforms in 5 counties * Increase availability and access to smart water products and services * Develop corresponding financial products * Increase access to knowledge on smart water solutions * Create business linkages with Dutch and Kenyan suppliers

The main role of Practica Foundation in the SWA program is to support the identification, testing, promotion and scaling of a range of Smart Water Solutions (SWS) to boost SME farming. We will investigate and analyse the suitability and applicability of various forms of irrigation- and other solutions that may help the farmers to increase their income, their production, their water efficiency and food security. Furthermore, we will support the core team in the development of testing protocols, promotion and scaling strategies, and concrete products related to this, like decision support tools, manuals and trainings, through backstopping support and missions.

* To increase water productivity and income of 20,000 farmers by 20% * To reach at least 50% female beneficiaries * To introduce more than 10 different viable smart water solutions including finance packages

Budget : Six million euro project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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