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Manual drilling in Mauritania


Titre : Manual drilling in Mauritania

Pays : Mauritania

Date/Durée : 2015 – 2018

PRACTICA has worked with UNICEF on the introduction of manual drilling techniques for sustainable and equitable access to drinking water in Mauritania. The project partners and stakeholders confirm the value of continuing to carry out manual drilling in the Senegal River Valley and extending the tests to uncovered areas with interesting potential, considering the lessons learned from the pilot phase and consolidating the achievements.

* Selection of local private partners (SMEs, workshop) * Organization of trainings * Delegated project management of the drilling work (site identification, contract management) * Project management for control of the works and compliance with technical clauses * Implementation of accompanying measures for the management of the water point

* Strengthen the capacity of national partners (Ministry of Water and Regional Directorates), implementation partners and UNICEF, involved in the implementation and monitoring of manual drilling techniques * Strengthen the capacity of the private sector operating in the manual drilling sector in order to guarantee the quality of the works* Test and evaluate the drilling techniques used and their feasibility in presumed favourable areas * Learning from the pilot phase and developing a scaling-up strategy

Financement : UNICEF
Budget : 100,000 euro

Présentation (Practica Foundation)

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