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Animal driven deep well pumps in Ethiopia


Titre : Animal driven deep well pumps in Ethiopia

Pays : Ethiopia

Date/Durée : 2006

Ethiopia has many areas where the groundwater is deep and where it is difficult to lift water by hand pumps. Large quantities of water are needed for irrigation. Motorised pumps can be used in such cases, but they consume a lot of diesel or petrol and are apt to break down. The use of animals for driving pumps could be a good alternative, as it is cheaper and potentially more sustainable.

* Design and test solutions for critical parts in the Netherlands, using a scale model of the pump. * Make a drawing package for the production of prototypes in Ethiopia. * Training on the production of this pump system to local enterprises. * Installation and testing of the system in Ethiopia * Training to the users in the operation and maintenance of the pump. * Monitoring of the operation (on a technical and social level) and addressing field problems.

* Optimize the design of animal traction deep well pumps * Establish local capacity for the production, installation and operation of the system * Test and monitor its technical performance and social acceptance.

Budget : JICA € 16.400

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