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Rope pump demonstration in Ethiopia


Titre : Rope pump demonstration in Ethiopia

Pays : Ethiopia

Date/Durée : 2004

In preparation for this project a meeting took place at Selam Technical and Vocational Centre in Addis Ababa between JICA, Sasakawa African Association, Selam and Practica Foundation. Materials for production of two Rope pump models (i.e. hand dug well model and bore hole model) where provided by JICA and Selam and production took place in one of Selam’s workshops. Selam provided two workshop representatives, two welders and one assistant who built the two Rope pumps in two days time on directions of the Associate of Practica Foundation. The two Rope pumps where taken to a demonstration site close to Awassa, four hours drive South of Addis. A half day lecture on the Rope pump followed by a demonstration on installation was given to 31 students of the Training Centre. All students work on Woreda level in governmental water desks. A meeting took place at the “Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Reg. State Water Resource Development Bureau” and an interview was given to an Ethiopian television crew for a documentary on activities of JICA like the establishment of a water pilot project in the South and the introduction of low cost water technologies, including the rope pump.

To introduce the rope pump to governmental staff who are/will be working in one of the countries zonal or regional water desks.

* Lecture/dialogue on the rope pump and other low cost water technologies * Construction of a complete rope pump (hand dug well model)* Training on installation of the rope pump

Présentation (Practica Foundation )

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