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Small stream surface irrigation in Mauritania


Titre : Small stream surface irrigation in Mauritania

Pays : Mauritanie

Date/Durée : 2007 -2010

This project aims to develop and introduce low-cost irrigation technologies for small farmers in the Senegal River Valley. The experience of PRACTICA Foundation in the region has supported participative development, testing and validation of appropriate technologies. The alternative systems being disseminated allow farmers to increase the control and flexibility of their water supply system, which is needed to diversify their cropping systems.

* Introduction and development of appropriate technologies for small low-cost irrigation * Technical capacity building of stakeholders and beneficiaries : project team, NGOs, public officer, craftsman, well drillers, etc. * Promotion and dissemination of low-cost irrigation technologies that are tested and validated with beneficiaries

The aim of PRACTICA is to develop and introduce low-cost technologies in a participatory way to encompass the demand of local farmers.

Budget : 30,000 euro

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